Drilling rigs

2000 HP Drilling Rig is a highly mobile drilling rig capable of working efficiently in extreme arctic conditions. It consists of two integrated, self-propelled modules for maximum operational efficiency and mobility. The substructure module is 132 ft long by 50 ft wide and has a cantilevered drill floor capable of 10 ft. feet.

  • The substructure floor level contains the power generators, SCR bays, steam boilers, support equipment, the moving hydraulic system, the main fuel tank, and wheel assemblies.
  • The second level of the structure module contains the shed turbo and piping skid assembly.
  • The third level comprises the platform floor, the drilling rig, the dog house, and the mast. 

Turbines for power generation

The TM2500 turbine is developed to provide fast track mobile power and is capable of producing up to 35 MW of power. In addition, it features a fast deployment time, reaching power output in less than 10 minutes. Its design is compact, occupies a space of 24 x 6.5 meters and can be transported by air, sea or land to any part of the world.

The TM2 500 turbine is characterized by its flexibility in fuel consumption, running on gas or distillate liquid fuel. This equipment generates 50% less emissions than diesel generators under natural gas operation. Its localized power supply eliminates the need for additional transmission and generation infrastructure.

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